Closed-Loop Control Pouch/Prismatic
Battery Welder


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US-5020SH with Table Mount

Heavy-Duty Spot Welder for Prismatic and Pouch Battery

As the production of EVs continues to grow, the need for precise welding of pouch and prismatic battery cells is becoming increasingly critical. Lithium pouch and prismatic cells consist of stacked layers of anodes, separators, and cathodes fused in between layers of laminated film. These types of cell applications can be created in custom sizes and shapes. Cells are then connected in a series and parallel to acquire the desired voltage and capacity. To accurately weld the foil stacks used in each pouch and prismatic cell application for EV batteries, advanced ultrasonic welding technology featuring Closed-Loop Control of servo-driven weld heads is the solution. 

Heavy-Duty Spot Welder model US-5020SH was developed by TECH-SONIC for the largest foil stacks and tab applications. This heavy-duty spot welding machine produces greater power to achieve welds with more material and higher dimensions. Capable of applying over 5000N of force, the 5020SH heavy-duty spot welder can effectively weld even the most challenging applications. This direct drive utilizes a larger servo motor and larger power module allowing direct mobilization of the weld head for increased control and welding size capability. The front-loading sonotrode technology saves time and ensures higher quality pouch cell welding.

CLC Advantages for Pouch and Prismatic Battery Welding

TECH-SONIC’s heavy-duty spot welder for prismatic and pouch battery welding allows the user to apply the proper amount of force and energy to the weld at the appropriate time. By being able to control these specific welding parameters, it enables the users to create precise, consistent, and repeatable welds (Multi-Step).

Features and Benefits of Closed Loop Control Technology for Pouch and Prismatic Battery Welder

  • Can detect one single missing or added foil in stack of 100 (foil thickness is around 5 to 6 micron copper)
  • Ability to change and adjust force and amplitude during weld cycle
  • Direct-drive servo provides the ability to weld thicker stacks to busbar, utilizing a wider horn
  • Capability to reduce excess stress on foils and tabs by using ideal welding parameters
  • Soft touch landing on weld materials controlled by servo
  • Less power/ lower operational costs
  • Longer tooling life due to servo control “patented” technology
  • Self Leveling Mechanism

Heavy-Duty Spot Welder for Prismatic and Pouch Battery Welding

US-5020SH Standard without Table Mount

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