TECH-SONIC has been an innovative leader in the field of Ultrasonic Metal Welding since its beginning in 1996. The company is exclusively engaged in the development, manufacturing and global distribution of ultrasonic metal welding machines and associated tooling.

In recent years, they have devoted their research and development to “Closed-Loop Control” or “CLC” ultrasonic metal welding — the “Holy Grail” of ultrasonic metal welding. As the pioneer in CLC ultrasonic metal welding technology, TECH-SONIC has the knowledge and capability to integrate the latest electronics, hardware, force sensors and control software in new and unique ways. 

TECH-SONIC has been serving global companies in electrical, automotive, EV battery, wire harness, cooling system, appliance, HVAC, solar, medical and military industries throughout the world; Our engineers have many years of experience in custom welding systems. The company specializes in designing its automated systems for the customers who seek high productivity, precision welding, and improved quality yields.

TECH-SONIC is dedicated to serving customers around the globe and employ people across 6 countries in order to offer robust multi-national customer service. 

The Beginning

We were founded in 1996 as a response to the growing demand for improved electronics quality and efficiency. Our founder has traveled the globe to market welding machinery backed by his education from the Welding Engineering program at the Ohio State University, making TECH-SONIC a world leader in ultrasonic metal welding.