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The TECH-SONIC explosion proof ultrasonic tube sealer, model 3620TS-EX is used primarily in applications that pertain to refrigerator manufacturers and HVAC manufacturers. The Ultrasonic welding process replaces traditional brazing methods that are incompatible with flammable gas. The US-3620TS-EX ultrasonic tube sealer is used to seal charged copper tubes in accordance with the Kigali agreement (by law). The US-3620TS-EX is Explosion-Proof Certified for operation with flammable HC alternatives, creating a spectacular solution for the phaseout of Ozone- Depleting Substances (ODS). These certifications include Ex-Zone 2, Class 1, and Division 2 Certification.

Ultrasonic Metal Tube Sealing Machine Output

Ultrasonic Welding Advantages for Tube Sealing

Ultrasonic Welding for Tube Sealing applications is advantageous due to the following factors: it is a pure metallurgical bond for many non-ferrous materials, ability to weld dissimilar materials, fast cycle time, and consistent weld quality. 

Features and Benefits of Ultrasonic Welding for Tube Sealing Applications

  • Simple one-step calibration using 3mm pin gauge
  • Precise measurement of pre-weld and post-weld height 
  • No need for outside consumables used in current crimping and soldering methods 
  • Tooling can last over a million cycles with small wire splices 
  • Operates at 20 times less energy than resistance welding 
Ultrasonic Metal Tube Sealing Machine Output

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