Closed-Loop Control Ultrasonic Ring Termination Welder


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Multi Wire Termination

TECH-SONIC’s patent-pending closed-loop control wire to ring termination welder, model US-3620SRT, provides a whole new ultrasonic metal welding capability beyond conventional ultrasonic metal welds. This particular wire termination welder is capable of welding multiple wires to ring terminals with ease and very little stress when bonding materials. It produces single-point ground terminals and it can accommodate a variety of terminals without changing terminal nest hardware. 

The US-3620SRT ultrasonic wire-to-ring terminator also features industry-leading missing wire detection. A typical pneumatic termination machine can only detect missing wires if they are greater than 5% of the total cross section of wires. Many automobile manufacturers require the wire harness producers to detect less than 3% of missing wires. In accordance with USCAR-38, the US-3620SRT wire termination machine can detect missing wires less than 5% of the total cross-section.

CLC Advantages for Wire Splicing Assembly

TECH-SONIC’s patented servo control ultrasonic welding process (Multi-step process) allows the user to apply the proper amount of force and energy to the weld at the appropriate time. By being able to control these specific welding parameters, it enables the users to create precise, consistent, and repeatable welds. Also with CLC, ability to detect 3% of missing strands.

Features and Benefits of Closed Loop Control Technology for Wire Termination

  • In compliance with USCAR-38, ability to detect 5% of missing strands 
  • Produces single point ground terminals and can accommodate a variety of terminals by changing terminal nest hardware
  • It features Dynamic Force Control™ with real force monitoring during welding, meaning it can vary the ultrasonic amplitude and applied force during the weld process to produce optimum weld conditions
  • Can weld multiple wires onto a single terminal and produce a stress free joint
  • Capability of over 20 weld steps
  • Can weld ring terminals up to 30mm2 with ability to apply 3000N of force to weld
This closed loop control ultrasonic wire to ring termination welder is capable of welding multiple wires to terminal w/ ease and very little stress when bonding materials.

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Interchangeable Nest

Four-sided Horn

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